The Marasco family opened its first factory and showroom and established Elegante Granite and Marble, Inc. in December of 2002. The idea of owning a stone company was a lifelong dream for the original founder Tommaso Marasco, an Italian immigrant who came here with his family for the love of “The American Dream”. From the time of its inception the company’s principals have always been the same; superior quality and excellent customer service.

In 2006 Francesco Marasco, Tommaso’s son, who had been working in the company since its doors first opened, became Chief Executive Officer. Francesco implemented new concepts and ideas that propelled the company forward, laboring to develop relationships and build a strong, loyal clientele base. Focusing on attention to detail and superior service, Elegante immediately became recognized for their beautiful craftsmanship and customer experience and the company’s reputation expanded rapidly.

The company embraced its achievements and in 2008 Francesco opened up an importing company to provide only top quality materials that were previously unavailable. Francesco traveled to Europe and South America to establish international relationships in order to monitor the quality of materials being imported and to stay ahead of the industry trends.

Elegante continues to diversify, pioneer and separate themselves from the other companies in the stone industry. Offering a beautiful new modern gallery that features only the latest stone trends Elegante remains focused on providing their customers with the ultimate stone buying experience.