Bathroom Granite Countertops

Bathroom Granite Countertop Fabrication & Installation

At Elegante Custom Stone Boutique, located in Westbury NY, we provide our customers everything they need for the fabrication and installation of their bathroom granite countertops. We take pride in both the quality of our stone and the superior level of craftsmanship in our work.

Marble | Quartz | Gemstone | Travertine | Engineered Stone | Recycled Glass

Elegante Stone Boutique also offer a wide variety of other fine stones to help the vision of your new bathroom countertops come to life! You can explore the possibilities and options in our online stone collection or you can come down to our beautiful showroom in Westbury, Long Island.

Showroom & Consultation

When visiting our Westbury showroom, you can expect a unique experience that is specially tailored to meet your custom bathroom countertop design needs.   Every client gets a dedicated design professional that works with them throughout the entire process.  Upon arrival, you will get a guided tour of our showroom where you will view the newest fashion in stone. You can also view our fabrication facility where you get a glimpse of our work and artisans in the creative process. We want our clients to gain an understanding as to why our company has evolved into the most innovative company in the business.

 We treat every custom stone bathroom counter piece with special care and nothing leaves our facility until it has undergone our stringent,quality control process to be certain that everything meets the guiding principles our business. 

Our Stone Bathroom Countertop Fabrication Process

At Elegante, we have an extremely unique fabrication process which has been built around our philosophy of only providing the highest level of craftsmanship in everything we create.  We begin the process with each piece being measured using a traditional templating method.  We utilize Coro plastic strips  to create the form of of the bathroom countertop.  The reason for this is so our clients can be involved, provide input and have the opportunity to envision what the finished piece will look like.  Every detail is carefully executed in everything that we do using state-of-the-art cutting equipment to cut the form we created, followed by hand sculpting the shape by the finest of artisans and hand polished finish before it gets approved by our quality control team.

Our Stone Bathroom Countertop Installation Process

The installation is a very important part of our work because this is where it will exhibit the details of how everything comes together.  Everything is perfectly fitted, then depending if there are seams or not the process continues to matching and leveling the seams.  Our artist then mix the resins to seal the seam, and polish everything off leaving it seamless.  While working in your home or office, you can expect that our team will provide the highest level of professionalism and cleanliness as this is an important part of our philosophy.